Lucky Charms Charms Ice Cream Returns to Cold Stone Creamery for St. Patrick's Day

Believe it or not, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and that means the season for green-themed treats is upon us. For Lucky Charms fans, that’s very good news because the beloved, magically delicious cereal has teamed up with Cold Stone Creamery for the return of the fan-favorite Lucky Charms Ice Cream. Available now at participating Cold Stone Creamery locations, the popular seasonal ice cream is available now through March 31st and can be enjoyed on its own in a green waffle cone or as part of a Creation or a Shake.

The End of the Rainbow Creation features the Lucky Charms Ice Cream mixed with double the Lucky Charms marshmallows, whipped topping, and gold glitter. The Sprinkled with Charms Shake is made with Lucky Charms Ice Cream and comes topped with whipped topping, gold glitter, and Lucky Charms marshmallows. Again, it’s a limited time offering and will be available through March 31st.

In addition to the team up with Cold Stone Creamery, Lucky Charms has also brought two seasonal favorites back to store shelves. Lucky Charms Limited Edition Green Milk Turn Cereal and Lucky Charms Traps and Treats boxes are both available at major retailers nationwide for a limited time. There is also the Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Lucky Charms Cookie Dough available as well.

For those who want to enjoy Lucky Charms without indulging in sweets, there are options there as well. Lucky Charms has teamed up with Morphe for a limited-edition Lucky Charms-inspired makeup collection that features an 18-pan eyeshadow palette, a lip gloss, a multi-color brush set, and a set of lip and eye pencils inspired by the rainbow. Also, in the wearable category are new, limited-edition Classic Lucky Charms Clogs and Jibbitz from Crocs. There’s even a new book featuring Lucky the Leprechaun. The Magic Inside tells the story of how Lucky discovered his magic and that being both magical and non-magical makes him uniquely himself. The book is available digitally here or in print here.

Will you be checking out Cold Stone’s Lucky Charms Ice Cream? What about some of Lucky Charms’ other limited-edition offerings and collaborations? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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