M. Night Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin Movie Has Wrapped Filming

Filming has wrapped on Knock At the Cabin, M. Night Shyamalan‘s next film which is set to hit theaters in 2023. The filmmaker took to social media on Saturday to share the update, with a photo of the clapboard marking the last shot for the film. The film will be Shyamalan’s fifteenth feature film and first since 2021’s Old. Filming on the project began back in April with the filmmaker sharing a photo of that moment to social media as well at the time.

“Going on the wall,” Shyamalan wrote. “Just wrapped #knockatthecabin sincerest love to the cast and crew, This one really changed me as a person and an artist. #riskeverythingeverytime.”

Going on the wall. Just wrapped #knockatthecabin sincerest love to the cast and crew. This one really changed me as a person and an artist. #riskeverythingeverytime pic.twitter.com/F4MtEPZzSP

Knock At the Cabin is set to open in theaters on February 3rd and Shyamalan previously told ComicBook.com that the script was the fastest that he’s ever written.

“I will tell you this: strangely, it was the fastest script I’ve ever written. Signs would have had that title prior to Knock At the Cabin,” Shyamalan said. “I probably think, in terms of both of them, that they have this movement, this event, that causes me to write it really fast. Hopefully, audiences will feel that when they come to see it. It is definitely in the wheelhouse of the things you’re seeing from me now, especially with Servant, this contained and gigantic event that’s occurring.”

At the moment, very little is known about Knock At the Cabin except for its cast. The film will star Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge, and Nikki Amuka-Bird. Shyamalan previously spoke about why he chose Bautista for the film, citing the actor’s brief scene in Blade Runner 2049.

“I was really taken by what Denis [Villeneuve] and Dave did in that scene in Blade Runner,” Shyamalan said. “He was still in a way that was powerful. There’s a type of stillness where you’re not doing nothing; you’re doing everything and you’re still. Your essence of what you’re thinking is coming off your body. I always tell actors that I can definitely shoot the back of you. If you watch the back of Heath Ledger at the beginning of The Dark Knight, the second I saw his back, I thought, ‘I’m seeing one of the greatest performances ever.’ I could see it just from the way he was standing. Every cell in your body will do what it’s supposed to do if you’re thinking something correctly. So don’t just be blank. You have to think it.”

Knock At the Cabin is currently set to hit theaters on February 3, 2023.

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