Magic: The Gathering Anime Drops Gorgeous First Trailer

By Megan Peters
Magic: The Gathering is one of the biggest franchises in gaming, and card collectors still stan the IP even after all these years. In fact, when it comes to sales, Magic: The Gathering continues to impress year after year despite facing competition from Pokemon. Now, it seems the franchise is ready to explore new mediums, and it is now diving into anime with a gorgeous new trailer. 
As you can see above, the short trailer hit up fans on YouTube not that long ago. WIT Studio teamed up with Magic: The Gathering to make the special possible, after all. “Kamiyama: Shining World” is here to promote one of the card game’s latest releases, but fans wouldn’t mind getting an entire series if it looked like this.
After all, WIT Studio brought a stellar team together to make the special. The company is a bit freer these days with its schedule, and that comes as little surprise. The studio was once preoccupied with Attack on Titan all the time, but WIT Studio passed the series to MAPPA ahead of season four. Fans were wary of the change when it was announced over a year ago, but the handover went just fine. MAPPA is now being praised for its take on Attack on Titan, and WIT Studio has clearly put its heart into this Magic: The Gathering special.
Now, this is not the only adaptation of Magic: The Gathering to debut as of late. If you did not know, Netflix has been developing its own TV series inspired by the card game. These plans come at a time when trading cards and board games are living their best lives in Hollywood. Dungeons and Dragons was just the start of the mainstream comeuppance, and now Magic: The Gathering is getting the same treatment.
What do you think about this first look at the Magic: The Gathering anime? Was WIT Studio the right choice for this special? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.
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