Marvel Artist Shares New One Piece Art

In the past, we’ve seen the anime world collide with Marvel comics in several surprising ways. Deadpool: Samurai was the first manga for the Merc With A Mouth, seeing Wade Wilson teaming up with My Hero Academia’s All Might to battle the Mad Titan Thanos. While anime fans have witnessed the Straw Hat Pirates teaming up with Dragon Ball’s Z-Fighters, there has never been an official crossover that saw Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats meeting Marvel’s Avengers. Despite this fact, one Marvel artist has lent their talents to an official One Piece project by depicting a member of the Worst Generation.

Peach Momoko has long lent her talents to Marvel Comics, having worked on previous series including Star Wars’ Darth Vader: Black White & Red, Extreme Venomverse, Demon Wars, Strange Academy, Elektra, and many more. Most recently, Momoko has worked on two major projects for the company. The first is helping to create a new side of the Ultimate Universe via Ultimate X-Men, using her talents to follow Armor as she navigates this new reality. The second is Marvel Snap, the mobile game that uses Peach’s designs for many of its cards. Luckily, Peach’s work on Marvel Snap has seemingly translated to the One Piece Card Game.

Peach Momoko took to social media to share her take on Trafalgar Law, one of the strongest members of the Worst Generation in One Piece this side of Monkey D. Luffy. Since the One Piece Card Game has continued to skyrocket in popularity, it makes sense that more artists are looking to add to the trading card game’s roster. With Law currently playing a big role in the shonen’s final saga, fighting against Blackbeard, it makes sense that the card game would create new takes on the Law Pirates’ captain.

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While Law is fighting against Blackbeard, the Straw Hat Pirates are fighting against the World Government on Future Island. Thanks to running into Dr. Vegapunk, Luffy and his crew have learned a lot about their world, but they’ve also put themselves in the crosshairs of the leaders of the military. As manga fans know, the anime adaptation is preparing to explore some perilous seas.

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