Marvel’s latest Free Comic Book Day offering is a VOICES special with a new Moon Girl story

The latest FCBD offering from Marvel will spotlight a diverse array of characters and creators.
Last week Marvel unveiled details for one of the publisher’s trio of Free Comic Book Day offerings, an issue starring Spider-Man and Venom. Today they debuted info on another of their FCBD releases: a Marvel’s Voices anthology special featuring a sampling of stories from the previously-released one-shots in the series, plus a brand-new Moon Girl story. Free Comic Book Day: Marvel’s Voices will sport a main cover by Carlos Gomez & Jesus Aburtov, and a 1:1000 ratio variant cover by Peach Momoko.

The new tale starring Lunella Lafayette, aka Moon Girl, is written by Nadia Shammas and illustrated by Luciano Vecchio. No other creators for the story were named in the announcement. Here’s a breakdown of the other stories included in the FCBD edition:
As with the previously-announced Spider-Man/Venom issue, Free Comic Book Day: Marvel’s Voices #1 will be available to retailers exclusively through Diamond, and not through Penguin Random House.
Considering that one of the goals of Free Comic Book Day is to try to grow the comics-reading audience, the inclusion of a standalone one-shot featuring a diverse group of characters and stories is a very smart move on Marvel’s part. In the past their two FCBD offerings have been dedicated solely to setting up new plotlines for their ongoing titles, but the addition of a third book has given them the leeway to put out material that will more likely lead readers – particularly young readers, with whom characters like Miles Morales and Moon Girl are increasingly popular – to the graphic novel shelves. This is how you go about using Free Comic Book Day to build the next generation of readers, and it’s good to see Marvel finally figuring that out.
Check out Peach Momoko’s variant cover (it wouldn’t be a Marvel comic without an incentive variant cover) below. Free Comic Book Day: Marvel’s Voices #1 arrives in stores on May 7th, 2022.

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