Marvel's Monsters Would Make Perfect Animated Additions to Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Adam Barnhardt
Marvel Studios is moving full steam ahead with its own animation division, which is actively developing a handful of various projects to help flesh out the Marvel Cinematic Universe even further. Fans have already seen one season of Marvel’s What If…?, and a second will soon be on the way. Better yet, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, X-Men ’97, and Marvel Zombies are also on the way from the production house.
One thing that could help bolster that budding portfolio from Marvel Studios Animation, however, comes in the form of the Marvel Monsters. You know exactly which ones we’re talking about: Taboo! Rommbu! Tragg! Grottu! Gigantus! Goom!
Appearing in the classic monster tales of Silver Age Marvel comics lore, adapting these kaiju-size monsters would pose a serious challenge to the budget of any feature film. That’s a major reason why the characters could work so well in live-action, but another is the design of the monsters themselves.
Each of them looks just as goofy as the next, and the entire bunch would potentially be a rough adaptation for live-action. Better yet, keeping things animated would allow animators and creatives to keep things as “comic booky” as possible.
After all, Marvel animation head Brad Winderbaum previously said fans would be surprised at what the House of Ideas is currently developing.
“I think if I told you about our animated plans, it would blow your mind,” the producer previously told’s Brandon Davis.
“I mean, you’re completely unbounded from any sort of rules, which is both the most exciting and the most daunting thing about it, because then you have to create your own rules,” he continued. “But I mean, it really is, in many ways, the purest interpretation of the imagination of the people behind it. There’s an element of chaos in all things. There’s an element of chaos in animation. Certainly a major factor in live action. Filmmaking is chaos. And how things don’t go as planned and how you end up ultimately with a whole different set of tools than you thought you had going in. In an animation, kind of get to work with this infinite canvas where anything you want can be achieved. And if you can conceive it, you can do it. If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Keep the monster animated, and go as wild as possible with it.
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