Marvel's Wolverine Just Brutally Killed One Of His Fellow X-Men

Marvel’s Wolverine is known for being the best at what he does – even though more often than not what he does isn’t pretty – it’s downright brutal and bloody. However, Marvel fans are used to seeing Wolverine unleash his Berserker Rage and Adamantium claws against enemies threatening the X-Men and/or mutantkind – we’ve never really seen the tragic result of what would happen if Wolverine took out one of his own… Until now.


In Wolverine #30, Logan finally makes it back to Krakoa after a hellish trip through Krakoan limbo to resurrection. Logan comes back with one agenda in mind: finally dealing with Beast.

Hank McCoy has certainly taken on a different kind of role in the X-Men Universe as ‘Superior Beast’ since the “House of X” reboot in 2019. In one of the most (startling? Upsetting?) character turns in Marvel lore, Hank McCoy became the head of intelligence services for the new mutant nation of Krakoa, and was quickly corrupted by his new powers. Beast created Krakoa’s three mircale-cure drugs that mutants sell to humanity, as well as a new era of X-Force to function as Krakoa’s CIA and eliminate threats to the mutant nation before they could reach the island’s shores.

However, when the world responded to Krakoa’s formation by forming new and deadlier anti-mutant organizations like XENO and Orchis, Beast launched into an all-out Cold War against those organizations, as they in turn launched strikes against Krakoa. Hank used Krakoa’s living vegetation technology to smuggle organic listening devices into the Krakoan drugs, effectively bugging the entire world; he launched shadow operations using his own agents – such as a mindless version of Wolverine that he created through sabotaged resurrection. Beast used also X-Force as his personal Suicide Squad, sending them on numerous doomed missions to strike at XENO and/or Orchis – despite his team (Domino, Kid Omega, Wolverine, and others) suffering repeated brutal deaths.

The culminating act of villainy was Beast slitting Wolverine’s throat and then resurrecting him as a mindless hit-man operative, with his memory wiped. It should surprise no one, then, that when Logan finally does recover his memory, the first thing he does is track down Beast (who tries his best to flee) and plunge his claws into his teammate’s neck and heart killing him instantly, without Beast offering a word of protest or defense.

…And why would he? As a final scene of the comic reveals, Beast had a backup body stored in a secret lab, that his mind can download into upon his “death.” What Beast has planned now for Wolverine, X-Force, and all of Krakoa next is terrifying to think about… .

Wolverine #30 is now on sale from Marvel Comics.


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