Master PC: Greek Drama Brings the Reality Altering Program to Another Level of Erotic Enjoyment

The Master PC Universe of JR Parz enters a visually stunning world, with William Pratt and J.J. McQuade’s take on the reality-bending computer system known as Master PC.

Master PC enables the user to code reality, changing everything from how they look to how others act. In the realm of the Breast Expansion Story Club, it’s only natural that such a program would lead to bigger breasts, better bodies, and sex drives soaring through the roof.

The story starts with the Mu Mu fraternity; a frat of the best, brightest, and nerdiest students. Frat geeks Dave, Bjorn, and Steve have discovered Master PC, and waste no time to use it to their own sexual benefit.

First, they give themselves better bodies and bigger dicks. Next, their buddy Willard’s sister gets in on the action, getting massive tits, a breathtaking ass, and an insatiable hunger for sex.

While Willard’s sister wants nothing more than to have sex — probably with all three of them — they’re hesitant to screw their friend’s sister. Steve does agree to oblige her request, but first she needs to do two favors for him.

First, Steve wants to show her off at the Delta Delta Delta sorority party. Second, she needs to get co-ed Penny to go to the party too. While Steve’s intentions are unknown, Penny and her computer-coding friend Monica go to the party at the house of the sluttiest sorority in the entire school.

What does Steve have in store for Penny? Will Dave and Bjorn get pussy? Will Willard’s sister finally get screwed? What will happen when Willard shows up? Chapter one sets up a number of questions, and it’s likely that lots of breast expansion and sex will be the answer.

Check out chapter two to see how the story unfolds, available only at

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