McDonald's Is Bringing Back One of Its Best Desserts Ever

By Adam Barnhardt
Just like how no comic book deaths are permanent, no good dessert is really gone forever from fast food. As some have started to notice at select McDonald’s locations across the country, blueberry and creme pies have started to make a resurgence. The delectable treat last made an appearance in 2017, before quickly being ripped from the menus.
The treat was released internationally earlier this year, but the snack trackers at Chew Boom noticed the item starting to appear stateside. The site included a video to YouTube review Peep This Out!, who was able to get a pie at a location in Southern California for 99 cents.
Brand Eating also got their hands on the snack, and couldn’t help but give it a rave review.
“The crust was slightly flaky with a nice, crispy surface. Inside, the creme was sufficiently creamy and sweet,” the outlet’s review of the treat read. “It paired nicely with the blueberry filling, which was fruity with a definite note of blueberry but was only slightly tangy. Neither filling was too runny and there were some whole blueberries in there. There was a good amount of filling inside and a well-balanced filling-to-crust ratio.”
It’s not the first pie McDonald’s has brought back in the United States. Last December, the chain brought back its beloved Holiday Pie in select markets with the help of an extensive marketing campaign featuring Mariah Carey.
“Some of my favorite memories with my kids are our family trips to McDonald’s, and of course, each of us has our go-to order,” Carey said in a press release. “Bringing together some of our favorite food from McDonald’s with my all-time favorite season is a holiday wish come true.”
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