McDonalds Reveals Shamrock Shake Secret Ingredient

By Kofi Outlaw
McDonald’s has dropped the bombshell(?) reveal of what secret ingredient makes its Shamrock Shake a cult-hit obsession all over the world. In a new promotional post about the impending return of the Shamrock Shake in 2022, McDonald’s also attached a trade secret that would (and obviously is) help generate even bigger buzz than usual: the ingredient that gives a Shamrock Shake its iconic green color! It might not be all that big of a revelation to the average consumer (who just wants to drink the darn thing!), but for food and/or snack enthusiasts, its been a long-running mystery… 
#cbf2ac – This is the ingredient that creates ‘Shamrock Shake green,’ and the secret which McDonald’s has kept all these years. 
Does that answer your question? Or just leave you with so many new ones??? The reveal of the Shamrock Shake color formula seems to be just the first of the promotional games coming our way in late winter/spring. McDonald’s is already teasing that the hashtag for the Shamrock Shake green color will lead consumers to another surprise… 
Here’s the press release from McDonald’s, which explains this Shamrock Shake “reveal” in detail: 
Shamrock Shake® and OREO® Shamrock McFlurry® Returning to McDonald’s USA on Feb. 21
Shamrock SZN brings the pop of green we’re all craving heading into spring
Let the countdown to everyone’s favorite SZN begin! Join us in welcoming back not only the legendary Shamrock Shake®, but also the fan-favorite OREO® Shamrock McFlurry® for a limited time at participating restaurants nationwide beginning Feb. 21.
The only thing more refreshing than the delicious taste of a Shamrock Shake is the way that minty green hue makes the ‘will-winter-ever-end’ blues go away. In our 50+ years of serving up this tasty treat, we’ve never given away the secret ingredient that makes ~Shamrock Shake green~ so iconic. Until now…
No, we didn’t just spill Shamrock Shake on our keyboard – that’s the hex code for the unmistakably minty color of Shamrock SZN.
For years, Shamrockers across the country have gone green to show their love for this delicious dessert… from getting minty fresh manicures to proudly repping their Shamrock-inspired gear. And now, we’re helping all our fans make it #cbf2ac official.  
When the Shamrock Shake and OREO® Shamrock McFlurry make their return to U.S. menus later this month, show us how you’re celebrating with #cbf2ac and #ShamrockShakeSZN! ️
And starting Feb. 21, our Shamrock green hex code just might unlock another tasty secret. That is, if you know where to look. Be one of the first to figure out the mystery and you could get a little something special from us.
It HAS been a full year since we’ve offered these fan favorites, so in case you need a refresher:
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