M&M's Teams Up With Milk Bar's Christina Tosi to Celebrate Launch of M&M's Crunchy Cookie

Last summer, Mars Wrigley, the parent company behind M&M’s, announced that a new flavor — M&M’s Crunchy Cookie — would be joining the candy’s permanent lineup in spring 2022. That debut is now here with the exciting new flavor available in stores and online and to celebrate, they’ve teamed up with Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi to create 100 limited-edition cookies inspired by the Crunchy Cookie flavor.

“Thinking up new and never-before-heard-of desserts is what I love to do, so the opportunity to develop a Mars cookie inspired by the new M&M’s Crunchy Cookie candies was a real treat,” Tosi, Founder and CEO of Milk Bar said in a statement. “The texture and crunch of M&M’s Crunchy Cookie is so unique, it was important to me that I designed the M&M’s x Christina Tosi Crunchy Cookie crunchy cookie to include layers of crunch to mimic the M&M’s candy, so that each bite offers the ultimate crunchy cookie experience.”

The cookies feature a vanilla cookie base that’s studded with M&M’s Crunchy Cookie candies in the center, surrounded by none other than, mini, crispy, chocolate chip cookies. Fans had a chance to get their hands on the limited cookies, but while there were only 100 of the cookies made — and they went fast — fans can still get in on the special cookie action. You can visit the M&M’s website here and sign up to have the recipe sent to you so that you can recreate the special cookie at home.

Cookie fans wanting to learn to make the M&M’s x Christina Tosi Crunchy Cookie crunchy cookies can also tune into Tosi’s weekly Bake Club on Monday, April 4 at 2 p.m. ET on Instagram where she will take viewers through the step-by-step process of creating the cookies.

Featuring a crunchy center covered in milk chocolate and a colorful candy shell, the new M&M’s Crunchy Cookie candy is available nationwide and on MMS.com. The candy comes in Single (1.35 ounces), Share (2.83 ounces), and Sharing Stand Up Pouch (7.4 ounces) sizes that range in price from $0.89 to $3.49.

Will you be trying to make your own Crunchy Cookie cookies? Have you given the latest M&M’s flavor a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!


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