Moira MacTaggert Betrays One of Her Closest Allies to Get Revenge on the X-Men

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for X Deaths of Wolverine #4. Moira MacTaggert went from being one of the X-Men‘s biggest human defenders to being a mutant with the power of reincarnation. These monumental changes came when Jonathan Hickman joined the X-Men franchise with House of X and Powers of X. When it was time for Hickman to depart the X-Men, he penned the Inferno miniseries to bring many of his dangling subplots to a close. One development to come out of Inferno was Mystique and Destiny stripping Moira of her mutant abilities. No longer able to reincarnate and banished from Krakoa, Moira is on the run and suffering from stage 4 cancer.

X Deaths of Wolverine #4 by Benjamin Percy, Federico Vicentini, Dijjo Lima, and VC’s Cory Petit follows the Omega Wolverine from the future as he hunts down Moira. This Wolverine is infected by the Phalanx and is using his healing factor to keep the alien techno-virus from taking over his body. After a reunion with his family – Daken, Gabby, and Laura – Omega Wolverine tracks Moira to an inventor named Arnab Chakladar, who will have a hand to play in the machine uprising in the future. However, Moira is one step ahead of her pursuers and reaches out to Banshee, one of her closest friends on the X-Men, for help with getting back onto Krakoa. Running out of time, Moira decides to kill Banshee and wear his skin as a disguise in order to trick the Krakoan gateways into allowing her access to the island.

Moira MacTaggert and Sean Cassidy / Banshee both have Scottish roots, with their friendship possessing points where they were also romantically linked. Banshee was also a member of the X-Men’s Muir Island team alongside his daughter and Moira. Luckily, since mutants have found a way to cheat death due to their resurrection machine, the X-Men will be able to bring Banshee back to life. Moira’s infiltration of Krakoa doesn’t go unnoticed, however, as Professor X mentally reaches out to her. This allows Forge to get the drop on her, but not before she fires a shot from the same neutralizer gun that took her powers away.

She almost succeeds in escaping with Destiny, but Omega Wolverine shows up at the last minute before she makes it back through a gateway. Omega Wolverine is then shot with the neutralizer gun, which takes away his healing factor and allows the techno-organic virus to take over his body, turning him into the Phalanx race.

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