Ms. Marvel Star Says Kevin Feige Is Her Third Favorite Person in the World

Marvel Studios is set to pump out a lot of content in the next few months with the release of Ms. Marvel, Thor: Love and Thunder, and She-Hulk. Ms. Marvel has a very bright future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the characters next appearance being the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels. The series lead Iman Vellani is a relatively newcomer to acting and it seems that she has a lot of love for the guy that runs Marvel Studios. In a new interview with Esquire, the actress reveals that along with Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Feige is one of her three favorite people.

“Okay, so my top favorite people in the entire world are Robert Downey Jr and Billy Joel, no one takes up that mental space. Kevin is three, and he knows how much I’m obsessed with him. He has been, you know, warming him up to my reaction,” Vellani revealed. “In our first week of filming, they told me, ‘he’s going come on Wednesday’. And it’s Monday. And I’m sleeping in my chair or something. And then someone walks up to us. And she’s like, ‘so there’s someone here to meet you’. And I, look down, up. And it’s just Kevin’s eyes because he was wearing a mask, and I froze completely. And he says, ‘I heard you’re doing a great job here!’ I did not speak to him or smile at him until he left. I literally gave him a stare. I felt so bad because he was trying to make conversation with me and talk to me. And I gave him nothing”

Ms. Marvel will make significant changes to the characters power set than in the comics and fans have been pretty peeved. One of the creators of the character has recently spoken out on the change and defends the reasoning for it. Recently, Sana Amanat spoke with Entertainment Weekly where she explains the need for the power set change.

“Obviously, so much of the show is an adaptation, and we thought it was important to make sure that her powers are linking to larger stories in the Marvel universe. We wanted to make sure there is a little bit more story to tell after this series,” Amanat began. “Obviously, she goes into The Marvels. The powers do look different, which is very controversial. I know people are like, “How dare you change the powers!” I know people are upset about it, but as someone who’s probably one of the closest people to this character from the inception, and having spoken to Willow about this as well, I think Willow and I have always felt that this made sense. This was the right move because there are bigger stories to tell.”

Here’s how Disney+ describes the series: “Marvel Studios’ “Ms. Marvel” is a new, original series that introduces Kamala Khan, a Muslim American teenager growing up in Jersey City. An avid gamer and a voracious fan-fiction scribe, Kamala is a Super Hero mega fan with an oversized imagination–particularly when it comes to Captain Marvel. Yet Kamala feels like she doesn’t fit in at school and sometimes even at home–that is, until she gets super powers like the heroes she’s always looked up to. Life gets better with super powers, right?”

Ms. Marvel is being directed by executive producers Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah, Meera Menon, and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, with executive producer Bisha K. Ali serving as head writer. The series stars Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, Matt Lintz as Bruno Carrelli, Yasmeen Fletcher as Nakia Bahadir, Rish Shah as Kansan, Zenobia Shroff as Muneeba Khan, Mohamed Kapur as Yusuf Khan, Laurel Marsden as Zoe Zimmer and Aramis Knight as Kareem aka Red Dagger.

The series is set to premiere exclusively on Disney+ on June 8, 2022!

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