My Hero Academia Cosplay Brings All Might Back To His Former Glory

All Might has had quite the journey throughout the story of My Hero Academia, with the former Symbol of Peace being forced into retirement from his status as the number one hero and now helping to mold the next generation of crime fighters. With the last arc currently underway in the pages of My Hero Academia’s manga, one fan has decided to honor Toshinori Yagi by taking the mentor to Midoriya and offering him some unique Cosplay before the Shonen franchise brings back its anime adaptation with its sixth season set to arrive this fall to the small screen.

In the upcoming arc of the anime, the heroes of UA Academy will have to take on the Paranormal Liberation Front, the villainous fusion of the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army. Being led by the heir apparent to All For One, Shigaraki, the heroes of Class 1-A won’t have All Might to rely on this time around, which will be a serious problem for all of the crime fighters involved. The current army of villains numbers over one hundred thousand strong, and while Deku and his friends will be joined by some of the movers and shakers in the professional world of crime-fighting, they’ll be missing a major ally on the battlefield in All Might.

Instagram Cosplayer Uzukidiaz shared this dynamic new take on All Might, even going so far as to depict herself as the Symbol of Peace via an artistic rendering, with the former number one hero handing off the torch to Endeavor while also trying to harness Deku’s mastery of his Quirk:

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Since the battle between All For One and All Might, the latter has only been able to maintain his powerful form for seconds at a time, while the villain has unfortunately been able to retain his nefarious Quirk thanks to some extreme science. With both Shigaraki and All For One sharing the Quirk in both the anime and the manga, the odds are stacked against the heroes in both the anime’s upcoming War Arc as well as the final arc of the manga.

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