My Hero Academia Cosplay Showcases Schoolgirl Ochaco

My Hero Academia has introduced the world to countless heroes, with the students of Class 1-A at UA Academy getting the spotlight more often than not. With the final arc of the series underway, Ochaco is set to play a major role, with one cosplayer deciding to take a trip to the past of Uravity when she was training to become a crime fighter rather than putting her life on the line to stop the assault of All For One and his hordes of nefarious rogues.

In the latest chapters of My Hero Academia, Uravity is now face-to-face with Toga, the blood-drinking heroine that also has a crush on Deku, but has seen some serious improvements in recent storylines. With the member of the League of Villains now having the ability to swipe the Quirk of whomever’s blood that she drinks, along with their appearance, she might be quite the challenge for Ochaco to take down, even with a major assist from Deku in what might be the last battle of the Shonen series. Needless to say, Uravity isn’t going to have a peaceful time before the Shonen series from the mind of Kohei Horikoshi draws to a close.

Instagram Cosplayer Cold Indulgent Revenge shared this spot-on take on Ochaco in her UA Academy uniform, which she used frequently when it came to school exercises that would see Class 1-A put through the wringer in taking on unique challenges as they worked toward becoming professional crime fighters:

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With the final arc of My Hero Academia taking place in the manga, it definitely seems as though no hero is safe, with Kohei Horikoshi killing heroes and villains alike during the War Arc. While this final battle won’t be a part of the upcoming sixth season of the anime adaptation slated to arrive this fall, most likely, expect some major revelations and for there to be plenty for Uravity to do throughout the massive brawl between the heroes of UA Academy and Shigaraki’s forces within the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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