My Hero Academia Doubles Down on Dabi's Self-Destructive Plan

My Hero Academia has been spending its Final Act sending Dabi on a self-destructive path, seemingly towards his death, and the newest chapter has doubled down on the fact that this is what he has been after all along. When Dabi was first brought into Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series, fans were instantly overtaken by theories about his potential connection to the Todoroki family. It wasn’t until the Paranormal Liberation Front War that any of those theories were put to the test, and that makes so much of Dabi’s full origin story a mystery considering we’re not learning about any of it until this late in the series.

The newest chapters of the series have taken this a step further as now that Dabi is getting ready for his final battle with Shoto Todoroki, he also trolled his younger brother with the fact that he’ll finally answer all of the questions and reveal his full origin story. With the look back at this missing piece of his past with the newest chapter of the series, it’s also cementing the fact that Dabi really only wants to completely destroy himself through his attacks on the Todoroki Family. It’s a way to truly leave a mark on the world with such a burning desire for revenge that it’s gone far beyond his own physical form.

yup self destruction lol #MHASpoilers

Chapter 350 of My Hero Academia explains that All For One and Dr. Ujiko had actually scooped up Toya Todoroki after he burned so hot that his body was consumed by flames. Restoring his body as best they could, they were hoping to use his as a potential backup vessel should anything have happened to Tomura Shigaraki. He refused to give in to All For One’s promises, and wasn’t supposed to live for more than a month after he recovered. When they finally reunited years later, Dabi explained to Dr. Ujiko that what he really wanted was a “perfect place for [his] funeral.”

It was here that Ujiko realized that Dabi was keeping himself alive through wrath over his grudge. He had initially wanted to go back to his father and be seen, but ended up finding out that Endeavor was only continuing the same mistakes with Shoto. Seeing that his father had completely moved on, his need for love turned into a complete rage against everything that Endeavor stood for. He wanted to be the one to destroy Endeavor so throughly not physically, but mentally. He wanted to destroy Endeavor from the inside out, his image among the people, and more.

By destroying himself he’ll do just that. He’ll be a mark of pure tragedy on the Todoroki family, and with it wants to be noticed to such a degree that it won’t be Endeavor that can’t ignore him but the world. What do you think? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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