My Hero Academia Has Finally Set Up Ochaco's Biggest Battle

If there are two characters in My Hero Academia who need to level with each other, it is Toga and Ochaco. The series has compared and contrasted the girls ever since they met during the Summer Training arc. At this point, the manga is overdue in letting them chat, but that will all change soon. After all, My Hero Academia has just set up Ochaco’s biggest battle yet, and we’re sure it will come at Toga’s hands.

And why is that? Well, the manga is in its final act, and Ochaco has yet to take on her top foe. However, Toga is finally ready to fight Ochaco for real, and the cliffhanger has fans freaking out.

After all, the whole thing came to light this week when My Hero Academia put Deku and Ochaco on one team. The pair were blasted away from their allies by Toga, and the girl is desperate to share her feelings with Deku. In fact, she wants Izuku to be her boyfriend at this point, and Ochaco isn’t the only one horrified by the request.

As sick and twisted as it may be, Ochaco is violent towards those she loves to show her affection. Her obsession with their blood barely scratches the surface, so you know Toga is going to try and nab some from Izuku. However, he’s needed elsewhere to fight Shigaraki, and that leaves Ochaco on her own to fend off Toga.

My Hero Academia fans might want Izuku to stick around for the fight, but in the end, the cliffhanger has opened the opportunity for Ochaco to shine on her own. Creator Kohei Horikoshi has made enough ties between the girls to make them foes, and their shared feelings for Deku give them common ground. However, their shared crush isn’t the source of the pair’s rift. That all comes down to Toga’s bloodthirsty desires, and while Ochaco might want to understand the villain, she can never let her go. So once their one-on-one fight begins, it will be to the death.

What do you think of My Hero Academia‘s latest Toga teaser? How do you see this battle going…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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