My Hero Academia Makes a Big Change to Quirk History

My Hero Academia’s latest chapter has revealed information that makes a big change to what we thought we knew about quirk history!

In My Hero Academia Chapter 407, “An Exceptional Child” we get the long-awaited origin story of archvillain All For One – and how he first adopted the entire “All For One” mentality. Turns out, All For One had a pretty tragic upbringing: he and his brother (the first holder of the One For All power) were born to a prostitute who died giving birth on the riverbank. Against all odds of dying, the two twins survived their first, vulnerable, moments in the world.

That’s where My Hero Academia Chapter 407 makes a pretty startling revelation: All For One and his brother were born before the infamous Glowing Baby who was the first human with a quirk ability to be recorded by history.

The lore of My Hero Academia has traditionally stated that the Glowing Baby was the start of quirks appearing in the world – now we know just how inaccurate that history really is. The reveal is made even more impactful by the implication that it was the Luminescent Baby getting attention as some kind of “exceptional child” and gaining so many followers – while All For One and his brother were left alone in the world, ignored and unwanted – that pushed All For One to become the selfish and malevolent villain that he became.

Finally, we have the dark revelation that All For One “corrected” history’s mistake by killing the Glowing Baby when they were an adult leader, rallying people around the idea of peace. All For One stole the power of luminescence from them, which was the start of his mission to remake the world in his image. That glowing power was also probably one of the ways he initially fooled people into thinking that he was a benevolent figure, helping to balance society by redistributing quirks between those who did and did not want them.

The mystery of All For One and his brother – and their rise to be the two top opposing quirk powers – in some ways only gets more mysterious with this revelatory chapter of the story. The reasons behind the All For One’s mother showing the Spearlike Bones quirk in her lifetime is definitely a question that could lead into a larger My Hero Academia prequel story, and even though we know how it ends, now we want to know more about the Glowing Baby and their apparently significant life.

My Hero Academia releases new chapters online.


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