My Hero Academia Preview Hints at Dabi's Big War Moment

The Paranormal Liberation War shifted from the physical world to the mental one in the latest episode of My Hero Academia’s anime adaptation, seeing All For One and One For All facing off in a unique way. While this episode also featured Ochaco and Toga facing off in a twisted confrontation outside the main battlefield, the preview for next week’s episode might be the most discussed aspect. My Hero Academia’s sixth season is preparing for Dabi’s big war moment which is a pivotal moment of the War Arc.

Dabi’s true identity has already been revealed in the pages of the manga, with the clues being laid out in such a fashion that you can figure out just who he is if you put all the pieces together. During this War Arc, Dabi has recently been riding on the back of Gigantomachia to get closer to Shigaraki, following his big victory over Hawks in one of the biggest confrontations of the season to date. Stumbling upon Hawks and Twice having a bitter reunion, Dabi is unable to save the duplicating villain’s life but comes exceptionally close to killing the number two hero as Hawks’ wings aren’t great against the antagonist’s burning Quirk.

My Hero Academia Season Six revealed a new preview for the eleventh episode that will arrive next week, hinting at Dabi’s big reveal which will see the burning villain taking a page from DC Comics The Joker and will reveal far more about his true identity than anything before in the anime:

My Hero Academia Anime Season 6
Dabi’s Dance episode preview

One of the biggest moments of the latest Shonen episode was the mental confrontation between Deku and Shigaraki, which saw All For One and Nana Shimura making returns to the series in a struggle between the two super-powered youngsters. Luckily for Izuku, Shigaraki was ultimately unsuccessful in swiping the Quirk known as One For All. With both the two strongest combatants on the battlefield suffering some major wounds, it seems that the War is getting ready to come to an end, though there are still major moments that have yet to take place.

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