My Hero Academia Season 6 Debuts New Villain Poster

My Hero Academia is on track to bring its anime back to the air this fall, and all eyes are on its heroes. After all, season five left off with a major cliffhanger that brought together Japan’s biggest heroes for a raid. That means the villains have a lot on their hands right now, and a new poster for season six is here hyping the gang.

As you can see below, the art went live courtesy of the official My Hero Academia website ahead of the anime’s comeback. The series released a visual of its main heroes before dropping this look at the villains. And as always, Shigaraki is leading the team with his new look.


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The man is seen centered here in all black, and his ragged look will make fans think back to Shigaraki’s fight with Redestro. He is flanked by Toga to the left and Dabi to the right. As for the rest of the league, Twice and Mr. Compress can be found to the left of Shigaraki while Spinner stands on his own behind Dabi to the right.

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These characters are all rocking the same looks they did at the end of season five, but fans know things are going to change for the baddies soon. After all, My Hero Academia season six promises to kick off with one of the manga’s most intense arcs ever. The show is about to enter an all-out war, and Shigaraki’s generals aren’t going to disappoint when it comes to fighting dirty. Our pro heroes better have a rock-solid plan going into this raid, and honestly? The students of Class 1-A aren’t going to know what hit them when season six launches this fall.

What do you think of this latest season six visual? Are you hyped for My Hero Academia to make its return this fall? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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