My Hero Academia Season 6 Raises Deku's One For All to Powerful New Level

My Hero Academia is now in the midst of the anime’s Final Act for Season 6’s final episodes, and Izuku Midoriya’s One For All power has grown to a huge new level! The sixth season of the series has been spending the year thus far showcasing how the heroes have been recovering from everything that happened in the fight against the All For One boosted Tomura Shigaraki. Deku has been going through some massive changes as his own One For All power has been growing faster to compensate to make up for the difference in his and Shigaraki’s abilities.

Now that the anime has started the Final Act of the story with its latest episodes, it’s also begun to reveal more of the weight on Deku’s shoulders. After talking with the past users within the power, it’s been revealed that One For All has grown to such an extent that he will likely be the last one to ever wield the ability. This also means the power within it has risen to such an extent that now Deku’s use of it is better than it was before the fight with Shigaraki during the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc. Now he can tap into 45% of his abilities.

Episode 132 of My Hero Academia sees Deku moving out on his own in order to use One For All as much as possible to take down the escaped prisoners, and he’s quickly rising in his use of the power. It’s explained that despite all of the injuries he took during the fight with Shigaraki, Deku’s body is still not much worse for wear. At the same time, his body’s grown to better be adjusted to One For All’s new extended limit of 45% as he’s become better used to how much he’s pushed beyond his limits.

This new limit to the power has also begun to unlock the final quirks within it, and now Deku needs to learn how to harness as much of this abilities as possible before he has his ultimate rematch with All For One and Shigaraki. But what are you hoping to see from Deku’s rising One For All abilities? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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