My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Just Addressed One of Its Biggest Theories

My Hero Academia might be focused on its final act these days, but right now, the fandom only has eyes for its prequel. If you didn’t know, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes just put out its penultimate chapter, and the update is starting to tie up the story’s loose strings. And after years of wondering, fans just got an answer for one of their biggest theories regarding the prequel.

The whole thing came to light this week as the series brought chapter 125 to life. It was there fans caught up with Pop Step and others in the wake of All For One’s secret ploy against Naruhata. But before the chapter closed, it picked up with Koichi in a very surprising place.

For years, readers have theorized about where My Hero Academia: Vigilantes would leave Koichi when it ended. The main series has never checked in on the hero, so it seemed clear the hero was no longer in Japan. This left some fearful the vigilante would die by the prequel’s end, but that is not the case. It turns out one fan-theory was right as Koichi has become a pro hero despite it all in America.

Yes, chapter 125 closes across the sea as Koichi is shown taking on a job in New York City. He is now working as a pro hero under Captain Celebrity as the U.S. pro did put Koichi on his payroll. Right now, there is no telling how Koichi got licensed to work above table, but he is a pro hero now working on the east coast. And of course, he’s got a new name to go along with the gig.

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After years stressing, fans are understandably hyped to see the newly dubbed Skycrawler following his dreams, and he’s doing so on the big stage. Now, the question remains whether Koichi will ever make a return tot Japan. It’s hard to imagine him working in New York City quietly while the main series works through its villain uprising. But with one last chapter to go, My Hero Academia might tie up that thread soon.

What do you make of this big update? Did you suspect My Hero Academia had moved Koichi to America? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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