My Hero Academia's Final Act Gifts Toga with New Resolve

My Hero Academia has entered its final act, and there is still so much for the series to do. It is difficult to qualify all the things Izuku must keep track of in this final hurrah, but Toga wasn’t meant to be one of them. The bloodthirsty girl made it his problem, and now the manga’s latest chapter has revealed Toga’s new resolve… for better or worse.

The update comes courtesy of chapter 348 as it went live this past week. It was there My Hero Academia checked in on Izuku after he was blindsided by Toga’s confession. The crazed vixen admitted her love for Izuku and asked him to be her girlfriend. As you can imagine, the hero didn’t t feel the same, and his response is what prompted Toga to take up a new resolve.

After being rejected, Toga decides it is time to put away the lovesick feelings that tied her to Izuku. In fact, she resolves herself to overtake Izuku entirely, and she even tells Ochaco the following: “I thought maybe I had a shot with Izuku, but nope! I’m over all that now!! The world rejected me, so I reject the world.”

It seems like Toga’s interest in Izuku was one of the only things keeping her grounded if you can call it that. There is no denying the villain is unhinged, but her love for Izuku did hold Toga back in some ways. This goes for Ochaco as well, but the girls had their own falling out during the manga’s massive Raid arc.

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Now, Toga is ready to direct her full bloodlust on Izuku and Ochaco without having crushes get in her way. This means the villain is about to fight in ways we’ve never seen before, but Izuku won’t be the one to subdue the girl. Ochaco and Tsuyu have made it clear this job is theirs. So while the girls handle this crush gone wrong, it will fall to Izuku to get back to his real target as Bakugo fights Shigaraki back at UA High School.

What do you make of Toga’s new resolve in the manga? How do you think the villain’s ending will play out in My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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