My Hero Academia's Vigilantes Spin-Off Just Teased How the Main Series Will End

Warning! Spoilers for My Hero Academia’s Final Act and My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 120 to follow! Both My Hero Academia and the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes spin-off series are now in the midst of their final phases, and with Vigilantes coming to an end presumably much sooner (or perhaps even at the same time), there are some subtle teases as to how Kohei Horikoshi might be planning to end the main series. Horikoshi recently revealed that he plans to end the series in a year’s time if all goes as scheduled, and the newest chapters are making that all the more likely.

The newest chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes moves the spin-off series one more step through the final battle between Koichi Haimawari and his ultimate villain, Number Six. The more they fight with one another, the more their respective quirks continue to evolve and grow stronger. It’s reached a point in the newest chapter where it’s almost as if the two had been fighting on a plane that was resonant with one another and away from everyone else. It’s something that we actually might see in full with Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki.

In Chapter 119 of the series, Koichi and Number Six fight to such an extent that the two of them connect on a whole other wavelength. It’s like the two of them leave their bodies and imagine themselves playing with one another as children. This continues in Chapter 120, but rather than confirm that this was just a metaphor for how Koichi is trying to reach out to Number Six in this fight, instead it’s confirmed to be something that might be tied into their quirks as All For One mentions that they have seemingly reached a “domain beyond the singularity.”

Instead of this being an artistic interpretation of the surprising fun the two fighters feel in the moment, this actually might be a huge clue to how the main series will go about its fight between Izuku and Shigaraki. As we have seen throughout the past, Izuku wants to legitimately reach out to Shigaraki and see if there’s a way to save him. The two have mentally connected on a deeper level within the One For All and All For One power space, and they both appeared as young children within it, much like Koichi and Number Six.

So maybe this isn’t a metaphorical kind of connection, but an actual one. With the tease of the “Singularity” and the most recent update on Shigaraki’s status had All For One noting that he’s not in risk of becoming cede Quirk Singularity, what if its actual form is like how we see these kids in a playground in Vigilantes? What if the powers connect in such a significant way in the main series that we see a young Izuku reaching out to the young Shigaraki before the series comes to an end?

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has had some surprise ties to the main series’ events, and this could end up being the biggest clue for the main series yet. But what do you think? Do you think My Hero Academia will have a moment like this towards the end? What do you want to see before both series are all over? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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