Naomi's Kaci Walfall Still Wants Crossover With The Flash and Superman

This week brought the conclusion of the first season of Naomi, the latest DC Comics-inspired series to arrive on The CW. The show, which has chronicled the journey of Naomi McDuffie (Kaci Walfall), has prided itself on existing outside of any existing live-action DC continuity, particularly the network’s existing “Arrowverse” of shows. And while it’s unclear at this point if Naomi will return for a second season, it’s hard to deny that fans have wanted to see her cross over with other characters from DC lore, not unlike how she does in the comics. While speaking to about the Naomi season finale, Walfall revealed which character crossovers she would still like to have happen.

“Well, if Supergirl was still around, definitely Kara,” Walfall revealed. “But currently, I would definitely say The Flash. I geeked out when I got to do the running in Episode 11, the prom episode, when I got to do the super speed. I remember I watched a video of Grant Gustin, maybe it four years ago, running on a treadmill for The Flash. I thought that that was the coolest thing ever, that that actually was before what came out of the screen. So I would definitely say The Flash.”

“Oh, wait! And of course, Superman,” Walfall added. “Am I kidding? That was Kaci’s dream crossover, but Naomi’s dream crossover would 100% be Superman.”

Walfall previously indicated what crossovers she’d like to be a part of while speaking to reporters at the beginning of Season 1, as well as

“I would love to meet Grant Gustin,” Walfall revealed. “I love The Flash. Candace Patton and Melissa Benoist. I love Supergirl. Javicia Leslie. There are just so many great people who’ve told great stories within the DC world that I would love to meet.”

“I wasn’t familiar with DC Comics,” Walfall revealed elsewhere in the press event. “Of course, I knew what DC Comics was, but I hadn’t read any DC comics. I watched The Flash. I watched Supergirl. Supergirl was my favorite show when I was in middle school. I watched Black Lightning. I loved Wonder Woman when it came out, it was my favorite movie the year that it came out. And the first Suicide Squad, I forced my family to watch that after I watched it for the first time, because I had never seen anything like it. So I was really excited to have booked this project, to even get an audition for it.”

The first season of Naomi will be available to stream on HBO Max on a later date.


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