Naruto Cliffhanger Sees Kawaki Fulfilling Deadly Vow With Boruto

By Nick Valdez
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has Kawaki make sure that he indeed fulfilled his major promise to his brother Boruto with the final moments of the newest chapter of the series! The manga has reached an intense new stage as Boruto and Kawaki have been struggling against Code so much that Boruto was forced to use his Karma mark abilities again. This allowed Momoshiki Otsutsuki to take control of Boruto’s body once more, and to face off against this Kawaki unleashed a new Karma mark power of his own. As the newest chapter demonstrates, Kawaki’s willing to do whatever is necessary to save Boruto.
The previous chapter saw Kawaki unleashing a brand new Karma mark he had Amado plant on him, and the newest chapter of the series digs into the why he allowed for such a thing to happen. As far as Kawaki sees it, this is a necessary sacrifice needed in order to save his new father and brother. At the same time, Kawaki is willing to do whatever is necessary to save Boruto from himself, and as he promised, he does just that by killing Boruto as the chapter comes to an end. 
Chapter 66 of the series reveals the new kinds of abilities Kawaki is able to use with his Karma power, but he’s attacking the Momoshiki possessed Boruto with the full slate of his power. Despite Naruto asking Kawaki to back off, Kawaki refuses and continues moving forward with the intent to kill Boruto. When Boruto is briefly able to take back control of his body, Kawaki reminds him of the promise they made to one another in that when the time comes he’ll do everything he can to make sure to stop him. 
Boruto thus agrees, and Kawaki uses his power to strike Boruto through the chest and leaves a gaping hole in his body. It’s looking like Boruto has indeed died as the chapter comes to an end, and while this is naturally the worst case scenario for their father, it’s something Boruto and Kawaki have agreed to beforehand knowing that either of them could have been the most dangerous being in the Hidden Leaf Village at any time. But now it remains to be seen whether or not there was some kind of hidden idea behind this plan. 
But what do you think? Did Kawaki truly kill Boruto? If Boruto does survive to the next chapter, how do you think that will happen? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!
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