Naruto Just Offered One of Boruto's Most Disappointing Fights Yet

Boruto Uzumaki may be a genin, but the hero has experienced trauma well beyond his years. While he enjoyed a happier childhood than his dad did, Boruto has faced down hellbent enemies in his time, and that doesn’t even account for his latest loss. The anime just killed off one of his best friends, but in its wake, Naruto fans are feeling mixed over one of the show’s worst fights yet.

The whole thing came to light when Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put out its latest episode. It was there fans watched as Team 7 and Kawaki came to terms with Kagura’s death. The ninja was killed by Funamashi, and Boruto rightfully lost his cool once he saw his friend get hurt.

We finally got to witness Boruto’s karma, the water effect and the karma activation was great but I just wish Kagura hadn’t had to die for him to use that?. #boruto

However, the ensuing battle didn’t really do anything for fans. Not only was its animation lackluster but the choreography made little sense. Boruto’s expression as Karma came to the surface was weak at best, and his movements were choppy as he rushed Funamushi. His Rasengan was hardly worth noting, and after his hit was in, that was it. Boruto’s rage hardly lasted, and Funamushi was quick to flee after taking a Rasengan to the gut.

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Fans had hoped Boruto would get a better berserker moment, but the anime felt such a scene wasn’t needed. Boruto focused on its goodbye to Kagura instead, and his farewell was plenty emotional. But in the wake of a half-baked fight, well – netizens cannot help but feel the anime failed them with this episode.

Did this fight leave you feeling underwhelmed? How can Boruto make up for the flop…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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