Naruto Needs to Put Boruto on Hiatus Before Long

Naruto has been a steadfast face in the anime fandom for decades, and Boruto is now carrying the franchise these days. If you did not know, the legendary series has moved on from Naruto’s youth and is exploring the hero’s life as a father. Boruto has spent the last few years setting up the Hidden Leaf’s next big conflict, and honestly? It is about time Naruto put the Boruto anime on hiatus.

Over on social media, rumors of an impending hiatus have run rampant for weeks, but the question about Boruto’s future is up in the air. The show just wrapped Sasuke’s Story arc and began adapting Code’s long-awaited arc. Of course, this canon saga will push Boruto in a different direction than we’ve seen, and as manga readers know, that path has led the Hidden Leaf toward a time skip.

The manga is still working through Code’s arc, to be frank, and now Kawaki has taken the reigns thanks to his wildest decision yet. This month’s chapter promises to explore the repercussions of his actions, and fans expect the update will kickstart Kawaki’s villain era. This turn is one the anime teased ages ago with its premiere’s flash forward, and now the show is beginning to adapt the arc that leads to this turning point.

So, what will happen when Boruto’s anime reaches the point the manga is at? We would like to see the anime take a hiatus. The anime should give fans breathing room before it walks them through a time skip, and the hiatus won’t be for them alone.

After all, we know the team at Studio Pierrot could use a break. The production schedules on year-round anime series are notoriously awful, and it has shown in Boruto as of late. Outsourced episodes have become more frequent than usual, and even newer episodes done in-house have been letdowns. Animators are in over their heads working on Boruto, so a hiatus will give them room to spread out work. Plus, it gives the actual Boruto manga time to roll out new content. The series is not that far ahead of the anime, and when the show gets too close to the manga, Studio Pierrot must think up original filler arcs.

As Boruto nears a crucial turning point with its time skip, the anime owes fans its best, and a hiatus will most definitely be needed to do Naruto justice. At this point, we have no word if the anime will heed such advice, but even netizens admit they’d be fine with a hiatus if it means Boruto wows them with its time skip. So for now, we can only watch along and see where Studio Pierrot takes Naruto in the coming months.

What do you think about a new Naruto hiatus? Should the series give its team a break…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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