Netflix's Mysterious New Thriller Series Dominates Top 10

Netflix has rolled out the latest batch of viewership data, including the Top 10 movies and TV shows on the platform for the week of November 14th to November 20th. In that time frame one show has clearly revealed itself as something Netflix should consider chasing for future programming with the premiere of mystery-thriller 1899 DOMINATING the Top 10 TV shows. Hailing from the creators of Dark, Netflix subscribers have been devouring the TV show and its many twists and turns, propelling it to the #2 TV for the entire week and putting it just behind the #1 series by only a few million hours total. Why is 1899 working so well and how much better is it doing than everything else on Netflix? Let’s break it down below.

What makes these first week premiere numbers for 1899 so good is that there’s a lot working against the series. There are no notable A-list stars at the forefront of the series to market it around, nor was the larger part of the plot revealed at all by the trailers. By marketing the show’s mystique and playing up the association with the creative team behind another key Netflix show, the hit mystery show Dark, the streamer has found a winning formula. 1899 premiered to over 79 million hours in its first four days of release, putting it in a prime position to take the top TV spot next week as the audience for The Crown falls out.

Though 1899’s first week numbers weren’t quite to Dahmer or Cobra Kai numbers, it did EASILY top the opening weeks for the first season of The Sandman (a series that was renewed) and Resident Evil (a series that was cancelled). Considering this show, unlike both of those examples, is purely a Netflix original with no licensing costs from another entity, 1899 seems poised to not only bring in a ton of views (it could very well hit the All-Time Top 10 to boot) but also snag a rare early renewal. Check out the full Top 10 TV shows on Netflix for the past week below.

19,310,000 hours viewed

19,880,000 hours viewed

20,100,000 hours viewed

24,620,000 hours viewed

25,940,000 hours viewed

27,740,000 hours viewed

30,300,000 hours viewed

35,730,000 hours viewed

79,270,000 hours viewed

84,310,000 hours viewed


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