Netflix's New Umbrella Academy Posters Tease Major Changes From Comic Series

Netflix has released even more character posters for the upcoming The Umbrella Academy season three and with them have come some clues about the new episodes, ones that seem to indicate major changes from the original comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel B? (potential spoilers for the comics follow!). Across each of the character posters we see unique suitcases for each character, all featuring stickers of locations from around the world, stickers for The Umbrella Academy, and also stickers for “Hotel Obsidian.” Here’s where the changes come in, some of which might be big departures from the comic and some which might just be the show having some fun.

It was previously confirmed that the new season will be taking some of its cues from the third volume of Way and B?’s comic series, Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion. There’s already been plenty of allusions to it in the marketing and press, but the stickers on all the luggage says “Hotel Obsidian,” instead. In the pages of the comic, the Hotel Oblivion was an interdimensional prison built by Reginald Hargreeves to house the villains of The Umbrella Academy. Considering the new season sees the team in an alternate universe, one occupied by The Sparrow Academy, perhaps Hotel Obsidian is this universe’s version of Hotel Oblivion, or perhaps they’ve changed it.

Another change from the comics that seems to be revealed in these posters is in the location stickers on each suitcase. Considering the Moscow, Russia sticker on Viktor’s luggage, it would appear that these stickers are all indicating the birth places of each member of the Academy. As fans recall, they were all born at the same time on October 1, 1989, multiple babies across the world, with Sir Reginald Hargreeves purchasing seven of them and creating The Umbrella Academy. Here’s where the big change comes in. On Luther’s bag is a sticker for Stockholm, Sweden and on Number Five’s bag is a sticker for Dublin, Ireland. Comic readers may recall the reveal in the series where it’s revealed that of all the babies born on that day, only one mother had twins, and those twins were Luther and Number Five. Giving them different birth places seems to tease that they’re not actually blood related siblings in the show.

We’ll know soon as The Umbrella Academy returns for season three on June 22. Check out the new posters below!


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