New Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Easter Egg Teases Cell's Return

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will make its debut in Japan in about two weeks, and fans are living for the anime’s comeback. After all, it isn’t everyday you get to see Gohan take control and head up a film on his own. And thanks to a new TV spot, fans are more convinced than ever that Cell has something to do with this project.

The clip was released online not long ago, and of course, fans were quick to scour the promo for details. Dragon Ball Super shows Gohan and Piccolo training as the promo begins. In fact, the Namekian has to convince Gohan to leave his study for training, and Piccolo is pushy enough to disturb his protege’s books.

So his new research topic is “Insects” huh ?

I hope he doesn’t meet up with a giant insect at the end of the movie lol#DragonBallSuperSuperHero

Thanks to pages like Chronicles on Twitter, fans were able to dissect what Gohan was studying, and it is pretty telling. The Saiyan seems to start off Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero by researching insects. There are four books with legible titles shown in this promo, and they all revolve around insects, beetles, butterflies, and moths. And of course, there is a villain in the franchise that fans associate with bugs.

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As you will recall, Cell borrowed his aesthetic from bugs when he debuted in Dragon Ball Z. After being birthed from a strange cocoon, Cell entered the world looking like a horrifying cicada-like creature. Even as the fighter transforms into his Perfect state, Cell still looks like an insect. The character’s design seems to mix characteristics of a beetle and cicada, so it seems awfully convenient Gohan is studying entomology right now. You know, considering how the Red Ribbon Army will show up in this film and its ties to Cell.

At this point, no official word has gone live about Cell’s role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but rumors are running rampant regarding his comeback. So if a version of the android shows up on the big screen soon, don’t be too shocked.

What do you make of this little detail? Are you onboard with Cell’s rumored return to Dragon Ball? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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