New Fallout 76 Update Previews Months of Events

Fallout 76 players know now what’s coming over the next couple of months in terms of events, seasons, and updates thanks to a new community calendar. Like other calendars shared in the past, this one will kick off with the start of a new season – Season 11: Nuka-World, to be precise – alongside an accompanying update. This particular schedule runs from December to the start of April with players questioning what Bethesda has planned for one mystery event at the very end of the schedule.

Event calendars like this one are fairly common for Fallout 76 and are released every couple months. They server as excellent reference points for players to plan out what sorts of events are happening and when with recurring events like Gold Rush and Minerva’s Big Sale seen throughout the next couple of weeks.

You can check out the community calendar below courtesy of the Fallout social accounts after it was shared recently.

Looking through the calendar, it doesn’t look like there are too many standouts here in terms of new events, so if you’ve been playing Fallout 76 for a while, you can expect to see some of your favorites returning over time as indicated by what the schedule lays out. While the December 6th update to usher in the Nuka-World season is mentioned on the community roadmap, no other events are, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other updates coming throughout the next couple of months.

Thirsting for more events? We’ve got you covered with the latest #Fallout76 Community Calendar here!

One thing worth pointing out from looking at the calendar is that there’s already a start date for Season 12. That’ll get underway starting on February 28th which falls on a Tuesday, so whatever happens during Nuka-World whether it’s the limited-time events or completing seasonal challenges to get rewards, you’ll have until the end of February to do so. Another notable bit of info from the community calendar is how it ends with “Just a Normal Weekend.” That obviously won’t be a “Normal Weekend” since it falls on April Fools’ Day, though Bethesda of course hasn’t said yet what it has planned for that day.


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