New Gundam Movie Shares Closer Look at Villain Line-up

The lost episode of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series has become a thing of legend, with the episode in question never being released in North America and thought of being pulled thanks to the animation used. Now, the mech franchise is set to retell the story of the unique island in the war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon in its next animated movie, releasing new character designs for the enemies of Amuro that will be challenging the protagonist in the film.

The movie adapting the events of the lost episode shared a number of new character designs along with the mechs that the villains of the story will be piloting in their fight against Amuro in this unique project:

The breakdown of these villains includes:

“Danang Rashika (cv. Yu Hayashi): A mobile suit pilot who volunteered for the Southern Cross Corps. He is warlike and interested in his former captain Doan

Selma Revens (cv. Shizuka Ito): One of the Southern Cross Corps. Former captain Doan has a different meaning from Egba.

Egba Atsushi (cv. Atsushi Miyauchi): The current captain of the mobile suit unit that was once led by Doan. He hates Doan who escaped alone.

Wald Len (cv. Yoji Ueda): Deputy captain of the Southern Cross unit, a sniper position in the unit. He fires precision with an anti-ship rifle shorty.

Yun Sang-ho (cv. Koji Yusa): A member of the Southern Cross Corps that supports the Moroccan front. He has the same maneuvering skills as the elite corps.”

The official description of Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island, for those who might not be familiar with the upcoming animated film that is set to adapt the story of the legendary lost episode of the first series, reads as such:

“The Earth Federation Forces that have endured the defense battle in Jaburo remain momentum In order to capture Odessa, the home of the Zeon Earth Advance Forces, he launched a great rebellion operation. Amuro’s White Base sails to Belfast to receive the final supply before the operation. Meanwhile, the mission in White Base is handed down. Uninhabited island, commonly known as “Island without returning” mission to wipe out the remnants. Amuro and his friends set out to search for the left-behind, but what they saw there was a child and a Zaku who shouldn’t be there. Amuro, who lost Gundam in the battle, meets a man who calls himself Kukurus Doan. Uncovering the secrets of the island, can Amuro find Gundam again and escape safely …”

Via Gundam.Info


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