New Halo Infinite Leak Has OG Fans Excited

By Tyler Fischer
The Halo Infinite campaign has been out for nearly two months, while the multiplayer has been out on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC for roughly three months. Despite this, it’s still missing some fan-favorite content. For example, there’s no co-op campaign or Forge mode and there’s no word of when this will change. There’s also no King of the Hill mode, but it looks like that is changing, and potentially in the near future. 
This week’s Halo Infinite update — the second of 2022 — made a slab of changes to the game, or at least to its multiplayer. That said, all in all, it wasn’t the most noteworthy update, or at least not on the surface level. There was to the update than what the patch notes reveal. 343 Industries is obviously working on future content it’s not ready to talk about, but dataminers have unearthed it ahead of an official announcement. 
With the recent update, 343 Industries added files for King of the Hill, which is now in the game, but only in offline mode. In other words, it’s not ready yet, but this implementation suggests it’s nearing release. 
KOTH is currently listed in-game in Offline Mode however the Gamemode does not work. #HaloInfinite
King of the Hill has been in every mainline Halo game and Halo: Reach as well. In fact, it was one of the original modes in Marathon, the game Bungie made before making Halo. It’s a staple of the series that for some inexplicable reason is missing. Of course, this was never going to be a permanent omission, but it was unclear when it could be corrected. And it’s still not 100 percent clear when it will be corrected, but it looks like it will be soon.
Halo Infinite is available via the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X. It’s also available via Xbox Game Pass, while its multiplayer is free-to-play. For more coverage on the latest Halo game, click here.
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