New Netflix Series Premieres as #1 Streaming Show

Nielsen has released their latest batch of ratings and with it revealed the success of a new Netflix series. As many fans know, NBC cancelled the sci-fi show Manifest after three seasons only for Netflix to revive it for a fourth and final batch of episodes. Fan interest in the show was VERY high after the announcement with the first three seasons making their way into the Netflix Top 10, with the streamer’s metrics giving it modest numbers upon the debut of the new episodes. Now Nielsen‘s third-party ratings have come in and confirm that when season four premiered it had HUGE numbers.

Per Nielsen’s ratings for the week of October 31 to November 6, Manifest was watched over 1.371 billion minutes in that timeframe. This figure naturally does not divide the show into seasons like Netflix does, but when comparing the two there appears to be some stark differences. Netflix previously noted that the new season debuted with over 57 million hours streamed in its first week, by comparison the Nielsen numbers for the series (when converted from minutes to hours) point toward an even smaller viewership.

What’s of note however is that even if the figures don’t line up, Manifest was still the top streaming title, film or TV show, on all of streaming for that week. Check out the full list of the Top 10 streaming titles below.

679 million hours streamed

696 million hours streamed

758 million hours streamed

796 million hours streamed

798 million hours streamed

855 million hours streamed

862 million hours streamed

892 million hours streamed

1.223 billion minutes streamed

1.371 billion minutes streamed


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