New Series, Door to Door Proves Sex Sells

The economy’s tanking, e-commerce is booming, and door to door selling is working about as well as it did for Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman.

In need of a new way to boost sales to save the company from going under, one of the more ambitious and beautiful female employees discovers a pill that boosts her breasts to unreal proportions, giving her a unique selling proposition her clients can’t refuse.

Armed with seam-splitting cleavage and a win at all costs attitude, Karen is ready to ratchet up the sales figures, even if it takes sleeping with customers to do so. Carol and the rest of the girls seem unsure of the company’s new sexualized sales tactics, but the guys are all ready to see the girls use breast expansion to bring the company back from the brink.

While the sex sells cliché has been thrown around for decades, Door to Door takes it to a whole new level. Imagine a big-breasted door to door sales team, dripping with anticipation for every man they meet. Selling their services should be at the forefront of their mind, but will that remain their goal when they start putting their new sales tactics to the test?

Bob Saget and J.J. McQuade, the team that brought us Super BEro, bring Door to Door to life with the vibrancy and vigor that only they can. From the compelling premise to the dynamic art, this series is poised to impress, promising plenty of heart-pounding breast expansion and exhilarating sex scenes.

Will the other girls take the pill? Will they have sex to make sales? Will they be able to bring the company back to profitability? Read Door to Door at to answer these questions and more.

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