No Exit: Chilling First Trailer Released by 20th Century and Hulu

By Charlie Ridgely
A brand new thriller from 20th Century Studios is making its way to Hulu next month, and fans are finally getting their first look at the chilling action that’s to come. No Exit, based on the bestselling Taylor Adams novel of the same name, follows a young woman who gets stranded at a rest stop during a blizzard. She quickly discovers that one of the other people holed up in the rest area has a young girl captive in their van, but she has no idea which of her peers is the real villain. 
No Exit is set to debut exclusively on Hulu in the US (and on Disney+/Star+ internationally) on February 25th. On Tuesday morning, Hulu and 20th Century released the film’s first official trailer. Take a look!
Trailers for mystery thrillers like No Exit can be tricky, as so much from the movie can be seen as a clue. The No Exit trailer is careful not to show too much; exactly as director Damien Power had hoped.
“I think there are a few specific things I did not want in the trailer, which are not in the trailer,” Power told in an exclusive interview. “One, I think it’s really a great trailer and is the kind of thing that I would watch and want to see that film. And two, I think that it gives you a pretty fair picture of what the film is like, an intense, suspenseful, grounded thriller. So yeah, I’m really pleased with it. “
“I think trailers are really hard, maybe harder than films,” Power added, complimenting the team that cut No Exit’s ad together. “I watch trailers all the time. if there’s a new trailer coming up, I watch it. And I agree, some of them are great but they tell me too much. And some of them are great for not-so-great films. I think it’s a real art.”
Power directs No Exit with a script from Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari. The film stars Havana Rose Liu, Danny Ramirez, David Rysdahl, Milla Harris, Dale Dickey, and Dennis Haysbert. No Exit is produced by The Queen’s Gambit award-winner Scott Frank.
What do you think of the first trailer for No Exit? Will you be checking it out on Hulu next month? Let us know in the comments!
No Exit premieres on Hulu February 25th.
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