One Piece Cosplay Welcomes Yamato's Best Look IRL

One Piece is at the top of its game these days, and we have its Wano saga to thank. While the manga is just about ready to cap its War for Wano, the skirmish has only just begun in the anime. That means Yamato has plenty to do in the show right now, and thanks to one cosplayer, fans can see how the fighter might look if they were brought to our world.

The look comes courtesy of Holly (geordiehollyxo) over on Instagram. As you can see below, the cosplayer has got the fandom buzzing over their take on Yamato, and fans admit this makeover only makes Kaido’s kid a bigger favorite than ever before.

A post shared by Geordie Holly (@geordiehollyxo)

The focal point of this cosplay comes down to Yamato’s wig as the white-blue hairpiece looks like it was pulled straight from the anime. Adorned with curved horns, Yamato is rocking some dramatic eye makeup, and the rest of their outfit is spot on to the show. From their vest to their waist tie and jewelry, Yamato is a dead ringer for the anime in this photoshoot, so you can see why fans are impressed.

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This isn’t Holly’s first time taking One Piece for a spin, so you can check out the cosplayer’s other looks if you’d like! You can find them over on Instagram here.

What do you think of this fan’s take on Yamato? Are there are One Piece pirates you’d be down to cosplay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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