One Piece Fan Drags Katakuri Back Into the Spotlight with This New Cosplay

By Nick Valdez
One awesome One Piece cosplay has finally brought Charlotte Katakuri back to the fold after his big debut during the Whole Cake Island arc! The manga and anime series is currently in the midst of the final battles of the Wano Country arc, but it’s a result of years worth of setup that has been in the works since the Zou arc of the series. One of the most pivotal parts of this setup was the Whole Cake Island arc that fully introduced Big Mom and her extended Charlotte Family crew to the series as fans got their first taste of what an Emperor’s crew could truly be capable of.
Standing at the top of this crew, and serving as the final hurdle to overcome for Luffy and the Straw Hats, was Katakuri. He was one of the most curious additions to the series from the get go due to his high bounty, and his fights with Luffy ended up revealing a surprise respectful rivalry between the two of them as it was clear that both fighters began to see one another in a different kind of way. Unfortunately he has yet to make a reappearance in the series since his fight with Luffy, but artist Jihatsu has brought the fighter back to the spotlight with some awesome cosplay on Instagram that definitely serves as a great argument for a comeback! Check it out below: 
A post shared by Jihatsu (@jihatsu)
One of the most important elements of One Piece is how the fights between Luffy and many of the major villains of the series often end without a death. There is a definite winner of each fight, and the story does continue from each major victory, but series creator Eiichiro Oda often leaves a door open for any of the series’ antagonists to return to the franchise at a later date with a new element to contribute to the long running saga. Thus is raises the question over what the future plans for Katakuri truly could be. 
He didn’t come along with the Charlotte Family as Big Mom invaded Wano, so if Big Mom somehow makes it out of the island undefeated, then it also opens the door for Katakuri to make an appearance at a later date. Given how his fight with Luffy ended, however, it won’t be as clean cut as making him an antagonist once more. But what do you think? How would you want to see Katakuri making a return to One Piece? Let us know all of your thoughts about One Piece and everything anime in the comments! 
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