One Piece Is Ready to Introduce Its New Joy Boy

One Piece has been going on for decades at this point, but creator Eiichiro Oda knows exactly what he is doing. The gifted artist has seeded tons of revelations over the years, and thanks to the Wano saga, some of those secrets are coming back around. Now, it seems one of Oda’s biggest payoffs has come around, and it is coming thanks to the mysterious Joy Boy.

After all, the manga has been cagey about the figure’s history up until now. The title’s revival has been foretold for years at this point, and it seems the Joy Boy is back. And of course, Luffy is the one who is reviving the icon.

The whole thing went down in chapter 1043 of One Piece this week. Fans could only watch in silence as Luffy lost to Kaido after some outside allies joined the Beasts Pirates captain. Kaido went on to tell the world of Luffy’s death, but that was not the truth. It turns out Luffy is very much alive, and he seems to be exuding whatever power or aura defines the Joy Boy.

Of course, the only person who could point out the Joy Boy is Zunesha, and his return to the series as of late tipped readers off about this return. They will be glad to know the massive elephant is the one who said Joy Boy has returned. Zunesha could feel the figure’s return despite being far out from Wano, and it seems Luffy is the one who prompted the elephant’s cry.

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At this point, fans are not quite sure what will happen to Luffy, but they know he is about to do something big. Kaido is still an immense threat, and the World Government is gunning for Luffy as well. The future is in flux, and of course, the Joy Boy could turn the tides of Wano’s War now that he has made a return. And if we know Luffy, he is going to take to the title like a Fishman in water.

What do you think about this wild One Piece cliffhanger? Did you see Luffy’s comeback coming or…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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