One Piece Just Got Revenge on Wano's Biggest Enemy

One Piece really made sure to hammer home some much needed revenge against Wano’s biggest enemy with the newest chapter of the series! The fights across Onigashima has reached a surprising new climax with the latest chapter of the series as following Kaido’s seeming defeat of Luffy, it was soon revealed that the fight is far from over. While the conflict on the top of the Skull Dome is certainly the final major issue needing to be worked out before it’s all over, there are many other lingering plot threads throughout Wano still needing their own satisfying resolution as well.

Because while Kaido is certainly the last major foe to Luffy and the others, he’s not exactly Wano’s biggest enemy either. Orochi has done far more damage to the country through his years of ruling over it, and despite all of the punishment he has received on Onigashima so far he’s still been alive and kicking thanks to his Devil Fruit ability. But the newest chapter of the series starts to change that as Hiyori Kozumi has confronted him and locked him down in order to deliver some much needed revenge on the foe on behalf of her father and clan.

Previous chapters of the series have seen Orochi sneaking his way through the Skull Dome and managing to stay alive despite all of the trouble he had found himself in until he was pinned down under some rubble. It was revealed that Hiyori had spotted him with the intention of keeping him occupied, and Chapter 1044 of One Piece finally follows up on this. Still believing her to be the Komurasaki he once loved, he starts to crack when he realizes that she is truly Oden’s daughter. Pleading with her and trying to lie his way to safety, Hiyori shuts him down.

Carrying all of those years of hurt on her shoulders, Hiyori finally tells Orochi to his face about how much her father was damaged by him yet never backed down. Believing in Oden’s will as a samurai, Hiyori makes on final tearful declaration about her role as a member of the Kozuki and prepares to kill him. It’s then that the final remnants of Kanjuro’s fiery final painting makes its way back to Orochi and rather than listen to Orochi’s final order, it sets Orochi on fire instead.

Watching him burn, Hiyori begins to stand proud with tears in her eyes once more as she readies for the new dawn to come that was once predicted by her parents all those years ago. If this is truly the end for Orochi, it’s a fitting one for such a slimy piece of Wano’s history. But what do you think? How did you feel about Hiyori getting this revenge on behalf of the Kozuki? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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