One Piece: Red Teases a Twist with New Storyboard

By Evan Valentine
The next film in the Shonen franchise of One Piece is set to follow the mentor to Monkey D. Luffy, Shanks, as the prolific swashbuckler is set to be front and center in the fifteenth movie of the Shonen franchise, and it seems that a new storyboard released for the animated movie is hinting at some major events. With the War For Wano currently taking place in both the anime and manga series created by Eiichiro Oda, the events of Red are anyone’s guess but it definitely might be a combination of the past and present of the Grand Line.
Shanks was an influential player in the Shonen franchise of One Piece, being responsible not just for Luffy’s dream of becoming king of the pirates but inadvertently causing the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates to ingest the Gomi Gomi No Mi, the Devil Fruit that transformed Monkey into a pirate that can stretch his limbs and deliver ground shaking blows. One of the most pivotal moments between Luffy and Shanks was when the older pirate was able to save Monkey from a sea monster, which ultimately cost the red-haired swashbuckler his arm but forged the bond between the two Shonen characters.
The Official Twitter Account for One Piece: Red shared a new storyboard that sees Monkey D. Luffy staring off into the distance, sporting a look that is far different from the one he currently is wearing during the Wano Arc, which means that the movie might be taking us to the past in following the story of Shanks:
⋘ ⋘ ⋘
  vol.2「 麦わら帽子 」
         ⋙ ⋙ ⋙

 ルフィが見つめる先にあるものとは?#OP_FILMRED #ONEPIECE
The current timeline that is set to take place in One Piece: Red is anyone’s guess, with the producer of the movie being enigmatic when it came to whether or not this new film featuring Shanks will take place in the main continuity of the pirate series. Shanks hasn’t made that many appearances in the main series when compared to the likes of Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates, but it seems as though this upcoming movie that is slated to arrive in Japan this August will fix that. 
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