One Piece: Red – Who Exactly is Uta?

The first trailer for One Piece: Red has arrived, and with it, fans of the Straw Hat Pirates have been treated with some serious megatons as the true identity of Ulta, the mystery girl who appeared in marketing materials for the fifteenth film of the franchise, has been revealed. With Luffy and his crew gaining a number of new outfits to celebrate the return of Red-Haired Shanks to the series, the movie is still harboring a number of secrets for the story that is set to arrive in Japanese theaters this August.

As explained in the first trailer for One Piece: Red, Uta is in fact the daughter of Shanks, proving that the former mentor of Luffy has certainly been keeping busy since he first appeared early on in the series when the captain of the Straw Hats was only a boy. Listed as the “ultimate diva”, Uta is also touted as having a voice that can “change the world”. While Uta’s allegiance has yet to be revealed, as the trailer doesn’t reveal whether or not the daughter of Shanks is a hero or a villain, this is sure to be revealed when the next chapter of One Piece lands this summer.

If you didn’t have the chance to watch One Piece: Red’s first trailer, the Official Youtube Channel for the next movie in the Shonen franchise’s anime adaptation shared the video that not only introduces Shanks’ daughter but fills in some major blanks when it comes to the character who is labeled as the “Ultimate Diva”:

Currently, we aren’t sure whether or not Uta has eaten a Devil Fruit, but it certainly does seem as though the daughter of Shanks has a voice that sends shockwaves at a certain frequency. At the tail-end of the trailer, we also see what appears to be musical notes brought to life, surrounding Uta, though it isn’t clear if she is the one creating them or if the new character in the universe of One Piece.

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