One Piece Reveals a Worrisome Secret About Zoro

By Nick Valdez
One Piece has shared a troubling Zoro revelation with the newest chapter of the series! As the war across Onigashima continues through its heated climax, the final fights of the arc overall are now underway as Luffy battles against Kaido on the roof of the Skull Dome and Law and Kid occupy Big Mom down below. The rest of the fights across the island have been settled with the recent run of chapters, and fans got to see how Zoro claimed his newest victory against King. But this was also at a major cost to his physical health and future.
Previous chapters saw Zoro pushing himself with the use of Oden’s former sword Enma in the fight against King, and he had taken on a bunch of damage on top of how hurt he already was in the fight against Kaido and Big Mom at the top of the Skull Dome from before. He was able to push his body to this extent thanks to Chopper’s medicine, but it was soon revealed in the newest chapter of the series that the medicine comes with a huge drawback. He’s actually now suffering twice as much pain from all of the accumulated damage and is really inching closer to death than ever before. 
Chapter 1038 of the series revisits Chopper and he reveals that he’s very worried about Zoro. In exchange for that quick burst of healing he had gotten from the medicine, he was set to suffer twice as much damage soon after. Thus he was hoping Zoro could win the fight as quickly as possible because he was previously so injured that he couldn’t move, and now that effect has been doubled. As we get a glimpse of Zoro soon after, he’s unable to move his body as is quite literally starting death in the face. 
The visage of the grim reaper looms overhead as he’s unable to dodge it, and it’s preparing to swing down its scythe. He’s begging for it to stop, but unfortunately we don’t get to see what comes next. Luckily there is a bright spot of hope in the fact that Franky is trying to make his way over to Zoro and find him before it’s too late. Zoro might be on death’s door, but we’ll soon see what comes next. 
But what do you think? Are you afraid for Zoro’s life right now? How do you think he’s going to make it out of this one? Has his body been too damaged by all of these fights to recover? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!
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