One Piece Shares Promo for Episode 1013: Watch

One Piece has dropped the preview for the anime’s next big episode! As the Wano Country arc continues through the climax of the war across Onigashima, fans have been seeing each of the major fights set for the Straw Hats. But there are a number of different conflicts and elements to keep track of for each episode, and one of the most intriguing has been Yamato’s role in the final battle too. With a late introduction to the arc as Kaido’s son, Yamato actually has some very important connections to the past as tease by his run-in with Ace years before.

The anime has been teasing an original episode focusing more on Ace’s past journey through Wano, and it seems like we’ll finally get to see that in action with the next episode. Showing off the past connections between Yamato and Ace (while revealing more of Yamato’s past as a whole), the preview for the next episode teases a fiery return for the fan favorite showing off when he first landed on Wano years before. You can check out the preview for Episode 1013 below:

Episode 1013 of One Piece is titled “Yamato’s Past! The Man Who Came for an Emperor of the Sea!” and as the title suggests, the preview teases a deeper look at Yamato’s past with Kaido while also diving more into Ace’s past as well. Previous teases from both O-Tama and Yamato had revealed that Ace had not only left a major impact on Wano in the past, but he made such a mark that the two of them remembered him all those years later. It’s why Yamato formed an instant connection with Luffy as well.

Ace’s time in Wano wasn’t given that much focus in the manga, and while the bits of Yamato’s past in the coming episode seem to line up with the reveals of their origin in the manga, it seems like the anime’s team is going a little further for Ace. Given that it’s the first time in quite a while that he’s been a critical part of the arc, it’s no mystery why the anime is shining more of a spotlight!

What do you think? Are you excited to see more of Ace in One Piece soon? What are you hoping to see from this new look at Ace’s past? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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