One Piece Shows How Much Zoro and Sanji Trust Luffy

One Piece is now working its way through the climax of the fights across Onigashima with the anime’s latest episodes, and the newest episode of the series provided a huge example of how much Roronoa Zoro and Sanji trust in their captain, Luffy! As the Wano Country arc nears the end of its run, Luffy has officially made it back to the roof of the Skull Dome for his third and final round against the deadly Emperor, Kaido. After being declared dead not too long ago, the rest of the Straw Hats have been riled back up now that their captain is back in action.

One Piece‘s newest episode has officially kicked off the final round between Luffy and Kaido, and it was such an explosive start to the fight that it has sent shock waves throughout the rest of the flying Onigashima. As fans saw, this ended up having one of the biggest impacts on both Zoro and Sanji as they realize their latest fight is far from over. The two of them then share a moment before jumping into their fights with more fervor than before.

zoro and sanji literally the duoest duo in the history of duoism. no one’s doing it like them i fear!!!!

Episode 1051 of One Piece sees Luffy taking on Kaido in full as the two of them are now on the roof by themselves and are hoping to settle their battle once and for all. As news of Luffy’s return to the fight reaches the rest of the island, each of the Straw Hats react to the fact that their Captain is back in action and ready to defeat the Emperor. Zoro and Sanji are exhausted from fighting against both Queen and King so far, but they share a laugh together and note that this is really only the beginning.

Explaining that the future they see is one where their Captain will carve his way through the rest of the seas, now Luffy’s two strongest crewmates are now ready to take on the strongest two members of Kaido’s Beast Pirates forces. From there they seem to get much stronger, and it goes to show that not only do they truly believe in their Captain, but that Luffy’s presence has a special impact on everyone too.

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