One-Punch Man Cosplay Brings Fan-Favorite Muscle Hero Mizuki to Life

By Nick Valdez
One awesome One-Punch Man cosplay has brought the fan-favorite muscular exercise hero Captain Mizuki to life! The Human Monster Saga is one of the longest running stories in ONE’s original webcomic series (and Yusuke Murata’s manga) to date as the ranks of the Hero and Monster Associations have started to battle one another in the hugest war of the series yet. This has introduced fans to a number of brand new faces making up the rosters for both sides, and many of them had quickly taken off with fans due to making the most out of whatever time they got in the spotlight. 
This is especially true for the B-Class Rank 71 Hero, Captain Mizuki, who has yet to make an official appearance in the anime adaptation (which future seasons of are beginning to look more and more unlikely with each passing year), but really struck a chord with fans of Yusuke Murata’s manga release of the series. Sharing a connection with the also super muscular Superalloy Darkshine, this sporty hero had some big moments with her rare appearances in the series. But now she’s come to life in a whole new way with some sporty cosplay fit for the hero from artist Nerdy Nereid on Instagram! Check it out below: 
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It’s been quite a while since Mizuki has been at the center of the action in the manga series, and it’s probably going to be even longer before we get an update on the hero given that the current scale of the fights has reached godly new levels. There would be a chance to see her in action again with a potential future anime adaptation of the series, but a third season of the anime has yet to be announced at the time of this writing. Given the state of the second season, a third is probably unlikely as well. 
The second season of One-Punch Man was marred by fans from the jump because it seemed to pale in comparison to the work seen in the first season. This reputation only got worse as the season went on as the production troubles behind the new episodes became even more clear before it was all said and done. It was a tumultuous production both behind the scenes and following each episode’s release, but at least the manga is continuing with new chapters! 
What do you think? Where does Mizuki rank among your favorite heroes in the series so far? Would you want to see her in action in a potential third season of One-Punch Man? Let us know all of your thoughts about One-Punch Man and everything anime in the comments! 
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