One-Punch Man Unleashes Surprisng Garou Team Up

One-Punch Man caught fans by surprise by unleashing an unexpected Garou team up with the newest chapter of the manga series! The Human Monster saga has reached its climax as the final members of the Hero and Monster Associations continue to do battle, and it’s become increasingly clear that the final heroes are outright outclassed by the final monsters still fighting. Things took a turn for the better with the heroes, however, as Garou was able to break out of his monsterized madness and started to lend a hand to the heroes against the monsters with the previous chapter of the series.

With the final monsters presenting an even bigger challenge than before and some new heroes making their way to the battlefield, the newest chapter of the series have seen Garou and the heroes scrambling to defend the survivors trying to escape the area. This ends up catching Garou’s attention more than ever before as he takes on the Sage Centipede, and in the midst of this fight surprisingly teams up together with Metal Bat after they reunite in the middle of the battlefield (much to either of their chagrin).

Chapter 155 of the series sees Garou chasing after Sage Centipede when the Dragon level monster tries to take out a helicopter full on escaping civilians (which includes the young boy Garou had bonded with before). As he chases after it, Metal Bat emerges from the rubble and attacks the monster head on. Metal Bat is angered over seeing Garou again (and against a Centipede, just like before), but Garou pays him no mind as he’s focused on taking the monster out.

The two of them argue over their intentions, but soon Metal Bat sees Garou defending the escaping helicopter from the monster rather than attacking him. Noting that Garou was a much worse person before he became monsterized, the two of them continue to argue while fighting against the Centipede. It’s a sign that maybe Garou isn’t as far off as he seemed at the beginning of all of this, and a surprising way to bring his journey full circle with the hero he spent the most notable time clashing with.

What do you think? How are you liking Garou’s monster self so far? What are you hoping to see come from his new team up with Metal Bat? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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