Origins of Super Bimbo Brings Boundless Labido to Soaring New Hights

Alien encounters, high flying feats, and whorish heroics collide in Origins of Super Bimbo — the latest JR Parz series from In this raucous transformational series, the Master PC creator teams up with one of adult comic’s most brilliant and prolific artists — J.J. McQuade — to deliver what might be the most exhilarating story we’ve seen from him so far.

Origins of Super Bimbo starts when the fit and sexy Suzi Spice is empowered with superhuman abilities, a stacked rack, and a new identity by the aliens of the Universe’s Protection Force. With those attributes, she’s also given the responsibility of protecting the planet.

Unfortunately with her newfound powers, also comes an insatiable labido that streangthens the longer she breaths air as her superhero alter ego Super Babe. Luckily, the Universe’s Protection Force also endowed her boyfriend with an enormous dick and superhuman stamina to help satisfy her unquenchable thirst for sex.

But when a new villain appears at the County Fair and begins turning all of the girls into sexcrazed bimbos, it’ll take all of Super Babe’s concentration and strength to save the day without falling into the well-laid trap that was set specifically for Suzi by one of the people closest to her.

This enthralling tale even has guest appearances by 70’s TV icons Charlie’s Angels and The Bionic Man, which leads to a mesmerizing orgy beyond even the wildest imagination. The best part, these appearances are only a complement to the other incredibly sexy and voluptuous characters showcased throughout the series.

Through many plot twists, story turns, and character arcs, the creators keep a fast pace and fun tone, packed with plenty of girl on girl and girl on guy sex scenes.

Read the entire series at to see how this rollicking story unfolds.

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