Oscars 2022: Megan Thee Stallion and Encanto Cast Perform "We Don't Talk About Bruno" Live

“We may not talk about Bruno, but I am absolutely talking about Megan Thee Stallion,” says one Oscar viewer after the rapper’s remixed verse on “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” The “Savage” and “Sweetest Pie” singer joined the cast of Disney’s Academy Award-winning Encanto for the first live performance of “Bruno,” the chart-topping hit song written and produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Becky G (“Mamiii,” Power Rangers), percussionist Sheila E, and Luis Fonsi (“Despacito”) also appeared as part of the colorful performance that took over the Dolby Theatre during Sunday’s Oscar broadcast.

Encanto stars Stephanie Beatriz (voice of Mirabel), Adassa (voice of Dolores), Diane Guerrero (voice of Isabela), Carolina Gaitan (voice of Pepa), and Mauro Castillo (voice of Felix) appeared to bring “Bruno” to life, featuring a rap referencing Spider-Man star Zendaya (who was in the audience) before Becky G and Fonsi finished out the song. Earlier in the night, Sebasti?n Yatra performed a stage version of “Dos Oruguitas,” which was nominated for Best Original Song.

We may not talk about Bruno, but I am absolutely talking about Megan Thee Stallion.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is the breakout hit of Encanto, but the song was not submitted for consideration at the 94th Academy Awards. The song went viral on Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok, topping the Billboard Hot 100.

See more reactions to the “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” live performance below and more Oscars 2022 coverage here.

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I guess we don’t HAVE to talk about Bruno but can we talk about @theestallion!?! #Oscars

lin-manuel watching the performance of we don’t talk about bruno #Oscars pic.twitter.com/HSAzGk3wDL

that WE DONT TALK ABOUT BRUNO performance was incredibly disappointing. Literally NO ONE asked for Fonsi, Becky G or Megan the Stallion. the song was fine with the original cast alone! #Oscars2022 #Oscars #encanto

Did…didMegan just remix we don’t talk about Bruno ?? I mean I love me some Megan but what was that ??? #oscars pic.twitter.com/li4UGZ0bG8

Millions of children throwing the remote at the TV during that trash version of ‘We don’t talk about Bruno.’#Oscars pic.twitter.com/SeYz1tCfBX

we don’t talk about bruno is literally the most theatre-like song, and it’s perfect for a beautiful live performance with a gorgeous choreography, but i guess the academy just can’t let me win something

Not sure what that was, but it sure wasn’t “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” #Oscars #Oscars2022 pic.twitter.com/IzeU7wylRq

Me trying to enjoy whatever the #Oscars just gave us that definitely wasn’t We Don’t Talk About Bruno #encanto pic.twitter.com/aQykU8VQNV


me @ the oscars’ version of We Dont Talk About Bruno: pic.twitter.com/Lj9FDmekTt


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